Gravesend TUSC fight by-election; get involved!

Below are leaflets, including contact details that you can use if you want to get involved with a campaign in by-election, which is being fought by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. John is standing on a platform opposed to all cuts, in the Coldharbour Ward.  


Commemorating the Miners’ Strike in Kent; 30 years on

The South East Kent TUC, representing workers in Folkestone and Dover districts, has worked with Aylesham For Aylesham, the Parish Council and other bodies to run a commemoration event on 5th May. Details are included below. Socialist Party comrade Eric Segal, Secretary of the South East Kent TUC, will be speaking from the platform. Dennis…


Tories selling justice to the highest bidder

Socialist Party members gathered with lawyers, workers from refugee and other charities, and trade unionists from the Probation Service to protest today at Canterbury Magistrates Court over the government’s attack on Legal Aid. Barely two weeks after lawyers staged a walk out across the country in protest at the cuts, organised by the Haldane Society…


NUT strike, where are the other unions?

The National Union of Teachers took strike action on 26th March, on their own, after the NASUWT, the other major teaching union, refused to call a strike, despite having a live dispute with the government. Essentially this meant that a lot of schools stayed open, as they had enough teachers to run reduced classes and…

RMT union general secretary Bob Crow

RIP Bob Crow

This article was featured on the Socialist Party website after the death of Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT. It includes memories of many Socialist Party members, in the RMT and beyond, who fought alongside Bob when it came to defending the working class from the bosses and building a political alternative to the moribund…


Socialist Party opposes sanctions and discrimination in welfare

Answering a call put out by a group claiming to represent people claiming benefits, activists from Thanet, Canterbury and Ashford arrived at Canterbury Benefit Delivery Centre, Nutwood House, today, to protest discrimination against the disabled and the sick. The Work Capability Assessment, administered by profiteers, ATOS, is the mechanism used to tell people claiming Incapacity…


Trade unions and parents say, “No cuts here!”

Unions representing civil servants, council staff, industrial workers, railwaymen, sailors and teachers marched through Canterbury today to make their voices heard in the fight against cuts to children’s centres. Members of the Socialist Party and supporters of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, of which the Socialist Party is a component, headed the march and…